Banzai Hobby Order Unboxing: Tamiya Parts

Tamiya parts ordered from banzai hobby

I’ve been rebuilding my Tamiya Mini Cooper Racing, so replacement parts have been arriving here a week or so after payday for the last few months. I placed an order with Banzai Hobbies for some building supplies and hop up parts from Tamiya.

Box of Tamiya goodies!
Box of Tamiya goodies!

My experience with Banzai Hobbies was fantastic. They offer Tamiya parts for about 1/2 of what I’d pay here in the USA, retail or online. They’re a great source for Tamiya products.


The Right Tools For The Job

I recently learned that the screws in Tamiya kits use JIS  (Japanese Industrial Standard) screws. I didn’t realize there was a different philips head standard, so when I found out I decided to order the correct screwdrivers to work on my Tamiya cars. When I tried these drivers, they fit perfectly into the screws. I always had trouble getting at the screws on the bottom of the M03 chassis that hold the chassis halves together because the only driver I had that would fit in the molded-in channel was a US #1 philips, but it kept slipping in the screw head. A US #2 would not fit in the channel, but it did fit the screw. It always made building Tamiya kits kind of a pain because I did not have the right screwdrivers.


The (M) size screwdriver is a PH1 and intended for a JIS M2-M2.6 screw. The (L) size screwdriver is a PH2 and is intended for a JIS M3-M5 screw. Both drivers are magnetic, making it easy to install screws into those hard to reach places.  They fit nicely in your hand and have a non-slip rubber grip.

Tamiya Grease

I’m going to use Cera-Grease HG (Tamiya 87099) on the gears and Ball Diff Grease (Tamiya 53042) on the diff rings. The 10g tubes each come with a regular cap and an applicator cap which is a nice touch. I have to hand it to Tamiya for paying such attention to detail, even when it comes to the packaging and presentation.

Tamiya Ball Diff Grease

Tamiya Cera-Grease HG

Steering Turnbuckles

I am replacing the stock steering rods with these adjustable titanium turnbuckles (Tamiya 53527).

Tamiya 3x32mm Titanium Turnbuckle Shafts

Damper Supplies

I will be rebuilding the shocks on my M03, which are an older set of Tamiya Low Friction Aluminum Dampers (Tamiya 53155). I ordered the Silicone Damper Oil Soft Set (Tamiya 53443) and a set of On-Road Tuned Spring Set (Tamiya 53163). The oil includes 3 weights, Red #200, Orange #300, and Yellow #400, and the springs include 3 tensions – soft (red), medium (yellow), and stiff (blue).

Tamiya Silicone Damper Oil Soft Set

Tamiya On-Road Tuned Spring Set


Tamiya Loot Pile

Here are all the names and part numbers referenced in this post:

  • 74119 – (+) Screwdriver PRO (M)
  • 74120 – (+) Screwdriver PRO (L)
  • 53527 – 3x32mm Titanium Turnbuckle Shafts
  • 53163 – On-Road Tuned Spring Set
  • 53443 – Silicone Damper Oil Soft Set
  • 87099 – Cera-Grease HG
  • 53042 – Ball Diff Grease

I’ll be using all of this when I begin the M03. Stay tuned for a post about the M03 build process.

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